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Welcome to my Blog ! 🙂

It’s the year 2018 a.D. and we are still alive on this planet. Very Wonderful ! The Question is every second – how long will we survive ? Currently roundabout 7,9 Gigatonnes nuclear assault in the backyard -> – a wonder that we all are still wandering here.

I do sometimes think: do some people really WANT to survive in the aspect of this facts, of a clock wise turning round about self murdering emotional, nuclear weaponary and ecologic desaster ??? Within a system of permanent (male AND female) abuse ? Do they (people that are creating such nightmares) have a (secret & deadly) plan ?

Just because:

I really, really don’t want to DIE. Not by murdering by ugly people !


So, why don’t we take the chance to justify our good character sides, begin a worldwide emotional, environamental & social therapy, and act every damn lucky day in being of justice and fundamental laws of e.g. Jesus Christ ??? or Buddha. Or ask the spaghetti monster.

Questions. My name has an “Y” within. Upsilon (Greek). Ypsilon (German). Or in english language “Why”.


If you have any questions or suggestions, just write or call me. Comments are appreciated. ♥



Actual, as ever ->






Don’t just accept – Act against !

About me, myself & I ♥

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I’m just a man. 45 yo. Christ. Lover. Music Composer. IT-Specialist (Intelligent Technologies & Computers). Hobby Scientist. (Science fiction) Author. Perhaps father (a real genetically one), husband for someone in an eventual future.

Always feeling & thinking about himself, the others, God & the world.



There are some “non-mature” adults, which have decided to fight against men with smaller penisses. Obviosly the people of the porn scene are such assholes. I will post here a very nice documentation of a collegue, who has decided to tell us about his own organic issues, and how to manage that. My own penis …