There are some “non-mature” adults, which have decided to fight against men with smaller penisses. Obviosly the people of the porn scene are such assholes.

I will post here a very nice documentation of a collegue, who has decided to tell us about his own organic issues, and how to manage that. My own penis is also documented below, and I find, that the discussion about penis size is not as important, as we don’t define the worth of an human being in cause of the size of his primary sexual organ.

Thanks for your mission, buddy !



Coming out…

Coming Out #444:

I am an extremist. An international active & wanted Internationalsocialist.:-D


Pharmaceutical Research II

(Not only) USA Today – Heroine


Just a very short novel about the Heroine problem worldwider.

If I’d be a Psychiatrist or a Doctor, I would give a heroine or drug abuse patient@first a place to live and to calm. A safe place, without any hassle or abuse of his emotions.

Then I would cure him softly with MORPHIUM.

Or better: with a medicine of the best essences of he wonderful Black Moon, called “Black Poppy” in english. I would create an vegetable (salad ?) oil of it’s ingredients, sophisticated with some Bruglasia vulcania or any other sister of this little musician… 🙂 And I would also add all the flowers of this planet, in any amount that I can get@moment. Just by doing it right.

If I’d need morphium, every day a little bit less, until all the BIO-Food and especially my FLOWER in my hospital at the beach or in the mountains or in the wood at a lake in… somewhere over the rainbow, would have cured, healed the hurt that (s)he had to take by another.

And I would be there for him, every second when he would need me. I would ask his questions, just good as I could. And if I could not, I’d try to fix this issue of my own dumbness, that I had not enough power to protect him from his abuse. But I will fix.

That’s all. Thank you.

♥ ♫ ♫   ♫ ♫ ♥