Some Results of Drugs Abuse (illegal from 1991 to 2006, legal from 2006 up to 2018)

Oh, pretty damn (un)thing. Holes in the Cheese. Because I was a Drugs Abuser. ? Might be. Haha ? No, definately. But just read…


Born on 2nd of June, 1973, 3:03pm

From my very frist days, as a child, I had to intake cigarette smoke from my family, and decided with 18 yo by myself to smoke, too. I wanted to be a member of the group. I wanted to be famous and smart, and cool.

I wanted to be mature.

I began to drink alcohol. More. I smoked a package of cigarettes a day, sometimes more when I was in the discotheques. The techno era began in the early 90’s of the recent century, and I began my training and instructions as an electrician at my uncles company in 61350 Bad Homburg vor der Hoehe, Good Old Germany.

I began to go every weekend to the discotheques, still drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes.

When I was on work with a collegue in my age (meanwhile died by kidney cancer), he gave me some Hashish, and I tried it on Sylvester on a party with my friends. My friends were all shocked and gave me a “§running fit”. Now I was alone, but I had new friends, collegues, and they all were smoking and abusing with Marihuana. And all abused with other drugs, like Ecstasy, LSD, Cocain and more. Young men, in the age between of twenty and mature.


On an October Day in 1994, when I was in good mood, I decided to go to a famous new party @ the “Dorian Gray” club in Frankfurt/Main Airport.

This holy night I met & learned my wonderful and beautiful Margit M., my one  and only. My beloved, my favourite and my missed. So long, for over 23 years, now.

She came from Saarbrücken, drove a pinkyred “Opel Kadett C Coupe” like this one here,

and she was the prettiest girl I ever met in my life.

For me, she looked like a 14 yo. Or 18 yo. Not full aged. Not really mature. She looked like a very, very young girl. She was about 1,57 meters tall. Haha ! 😀

This night in the “Dorian Gray”, I was standing at the bar, drinking some Coke, smoking cigarette after cigarette, and suddenly my view discovered her, fixated her face, and our eyes came to an connection. Maybe our sould connected this moment the first time in real time.

She looked at me from about 7 meters distance, and she began to smile. To grin. I smiled, too, gruned like an Idiot, what I was at that time. 😀

So we were flirting and smiling and grinig a few minutes, about 7 minutes, and after a while she decided to come over to me and she said something like:

“Wer bist’n Du ?” (Who the f*cking hence are you ???)

“Ich bin der Danyel. Wer bist’n Du ?” (In the hence, I am YOURS !)


And our story began.


She is obviously currently living in the United States, Phoenix, Arizona, and I hope that she is safe. Safe from all the ugly people I have to grapple with, safe from all the dumb ones, and hopefully safe from abusing with drugs and prostitution and abuse in all other manners.

I hope she never touched all that damn shit again.


Sunday, 22th of May, 1994. Dorian Gray. Small dancefloor.

So, we had our first contact. We were interested in each other. We were nervous, so nervous… 😀

I decided to buy new drinks for both of us, and smoking a cigarette, together. We talked about some half an hour or longer, don’t know if we danced together, but what I definately know is that we both decided to look out for a much calmer place to talk, together, because the groovy and funky dance music on this floor was good, but very loud. So I suggeted to go outside into the parking garages, and have sit in my good old VW Bus T3 from my boss Bernd K. at Kilb Elektrohandel GmbH & Co. KG, which I had the explicit permission to drive whereever I want to. No costs at all, no fuel, nothing.

Because I was the garbage man, and was bringing old defect washing machines to the recylcling station , every orning on 6:30 before my normally job as an electrician began. Hey, he paid me addionally €5.- the hour, ca$h on the hands ! I had a lot of money theese times. And a cheap car.

My dream car. A little bit stinky, Diesel technology. But with 205 mm tires and custom coloured classic style BBS wheels. 😀

Image result for vw bus t3 rot

(This is just a toy modell of my T3)

When we arrived at the car, I first opened the door for my Margit, and got myself in the car. I hope that this rememeber is right, please correct me, Margit, when I am wrong, and when I was no Gentleman, though.

Nervous. The real Party began. At this time, I have had never no contact with chemical drugs before, and I did not know what would be coming, because I had not thought not in this way, that I would get in a few minutes an Ecstasy pill from my Margit…


Image result for euphoria parties 1994 dorian gray
434 × 424 –
Margit gave me this pill by a gentle and so strong, full of LOVE tongue kiss. ♥ My very first one at this time with a mature girl at my own mature age. The first one since 11 years ??? Ooops. 😉
I can’t remeber what kind of pill that was. An ADAM or what ever. It was not very strong, because it just was a half one. But it was so strong, that I get in touch with a magic, that I never felt before…
We listened about 3 or 4 hours to the “Euphoria” music over my own installed and paid by hard work “Grundig “car radio system, and we were talking so much ! I never talked to a girl in that way before, and I was in a such beautiful mood, that I did not thought to sleep with Margit, because we kissed all the time… ♥ 😀
And, aslo… I never slept with a girl before. Margit has been my first one, later. She took me my Virginity. Okay, it has hurt, but it was my first time, and in the first time it always hurts, some people told me, before…
The best night we had was the Cheese Fondue Night in her little Room in Saarbrücken at her parents home. Her father is not livining anymore here in this universe, but he is still alive. Yes. 🙂 I never learned him, personally, just only her little cute mother, just as beautiful like her wonderful daughter. Margit’s mother is living somewhere here in germany, but I actually don’t know where to find here.
Perhaps better@moment. There are too many variables, that are unpretty. Because of dumb drug dealers and pedocriminals.
There is coming more the next days, kids. Coming soon, so be patient ! I will tell you everything from my time as a drugs abuser, and from my personal life. This is the whole story in parts. Love ya, be careful, don’t abuse with drugs, yourself, and NEVER abuse some other. NEVER. ♥


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