Pharmaceutical Research II

(Not only) USA Today – Heroine


Just a very short novel about the Heroine problem worldwider.

If I’d be a Psychiatrist or a Doctor, I would give a heroine or drug abuse patient@first a place to live and to calm. A safe place, without any hassle or abuse of his emotions.

Then I would cure him softly with MORPHIUM.

Or better: with a medicine of the best essences of he wonderful Black Moon, called “Black Poppy” in english. I would create an vegetable (salad ?) oil of it’s ingredients, sophisticated with some Bruglasia vulcania or any other sister of this little musician… 🙂 And I would also add all the flowers of this planet, in any amount that I can get@moment. Just by doing it right.

If I’d need morphium, every day a little bit less, until all the BIO-Food and especially my FLOWER in my hospital at the beach or in the mountains or in the wood at a lake in… somewhere over the rainbow, would have cured, healed the hurt that (s)he had to take by another.

And I would be there for him, every second when he would need me. I would ask his questions, just good as I could. And if I could not, I’d try to fix this issue of my own dumbness, that I had not enough power to protect him from his abuse. But I will fix.

That’s all. Thank you.

♥ ♫ ♫   ♫ ♫ ♥

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